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Lauren henderson jane austen guide to dating. website for author Lauren Henderson

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that this is rubbish, there is an even more glaring problem at the heart of Henderson's thesis.

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In one chapter it highlighted the point that you should not play hard to get and try to appear hard to resist. In the introduction, Ms. Much of the advice seems obvious, but we believe that many postmodern girls will appreciate having it all laid out so plainly.

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Only, you have to follow the chapters 6. Now, she helps readers discover their inner heroines and get the guy in this witty book of romance and dating strategies. So after fishing this book the conclusion I came to is that I should move to the USA in order to get a date, where guys play by the rules.

Henderson preaches the virtues of good manners, patience and maintaining the proper balance between sense and sensibility—excellent advice in nearly any situation, including the romantic. But you have to wonder, looking at her tips 'Be open and easy-going'; 'Always thank him for taking you out'who exactly this book is intended to help.

One can imagine the eyes of fan fiction authors lighting up over the possibilities of this chart! A completely new and amusing approach to dating, Jane Austen's Guide to Dating includes insightful personality quizzes that reveal which Jane Austen character you -- and your mate -- most resemble.

Rest assured that when we manage this Herculean feat, we will apply her excellent advice to keep him around. If your lover need a reprimand, let him have it. Henderson makes a lot of sense, cutting through the crap of many pieces of modern dating advice.

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I picked it up because, like I said before, I wanted further reading on Jane's work and in fact, one can find in the book some pretty good insights on this matter, but overall I didn't find it one bit funny. The references to the books are followed by real life tales related with the examples from the book.

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And so Henderson, author of such classics as Freeze My Margarita, has hit upon the idea of turning back to the wisdom of literature's acknowledged expert on matters of the heart. A chart shows which pairings work well, which could work under certain conditions, and which should be avoided: While this book had some good points, and it was fun to see what lessons might be learned from Jane Austen novels, I decided, while reading it, that you marry who you fall in love with in spite of the annoying do not date this kind of guy traits he might have.

Look for someone who can bring out your best qualities 7. Nevertheless, not really useful unless you know the object of your affections has read a copy or you are addicted to All Things Jane. Utilizing wisdom inspired by Jane Austen's novels, from Sense and Sensibility to Pride and Prejudice and beyond, author Lauren Henderson creates an indispensable guide for navigating the all-too-mystifying dating scene.

If you like someone, make it clear that you do. I couldn't help feeling that if there really are women who need Henderson's bullet points before they can manage a basic conversation with a man, there's probably a good reason why they are single.

I think this goes not just for physical preference but characteristic preference too.

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Not to say we shouldn't improve ourselves but what one woman fancies I most certainly don't.